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2nd appeal date

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We appealed the 1st appeal under the RTI Act 2005 on10-11-2020.. We couldn't get the reply till now.. How long we are supposed to wait for the final&2nd appeal under the RTI Act 2005.. Pl kindly help us regarding this..

posted Jan 2, 2021 by anonymous

1 Answer

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Any person who has submitted an RTI application, and hasn’t received a response or is unsatisfied with the reply/ inadequate information can file RTI first appeal under RTI act 2005 within 30 days from the date of expiration of the period prescribed or a month from the receipt of communication from PIO.

Please visit:

answer Jan 11, 2021 by Monika
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I filed an RTI but there was no response from PIO. Then I filed my first appeal, the Appellant officer issued an order to provide the information sought by me. But no information was provided. Then I filed a second appeal. In the second appeal order again it was directed to provide me the information sought by me or give an affidavit that the information was not available with the PIO. Then I was given improper and misleading information not relevant to my RTI application. What next can I do?

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Filed RTI - 06/08/2020
Reply from PIO - No Answer

Filed FAA - 29/09/2020
Reply From FAA - No Answer

Filed Second appeal with SIC - 29/12/2020
Case created - 16/08/2023
Called for enquiry: 30/08/2023

On 30/08/2023:
I was present at SIC Tamilnadu for hearing. PIO was also present.

Judge: You have submitted application late (I have received the application late from you) , I can dismiss this appeal if I want to or you take the information from PIO now. The choice is yours.

The hearing hardly lasted for 2 minutes.I left the place by collecting two pages documents from PIO without any other way.

My question/Query:
1) How can Judge come into an conclusion without going through the all documents or listening to applicant?
2) I am completely not satisfied with the reply I got from PIO on that particular day for my RTI, what can I do now?
3) day before the hearing , local municipal officials were behind me, pleading me to do them a favour at Hearing . But things happened exactly Opposite on hearing day. Judge was loud at me instead of penalising PIO or concerned officials for not providing information for 2 years (not even a reply). I feel that the whole thing was rigged on hearing day.

Could somebody guide me with this ? Please connect me at or down here at comment box.
Thanks In advance

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If we not present after invited by prant officer in RTI FAA,is it compulsory?if any reason not present,what is process of RTI appeal for resolution before 2nd appeal?

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My 2nd appeal disallowed as my RTI application is not answered due to mark two po and then first appeal after 30 days one appellate of that pio.again no answer hence 3nd appeal filed to sic,Gujarat.They don't send any hearing and disallowed my application without any instructions to poo and apio or any further remark.what is next step?

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Filed RTI number 1205472 and paid before a week but to date it is not filed, it looks like the company is not professional that are just interested to take money on time