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How & whereI file rti to get license number?

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I'm from Tamilnadu,How I file rti to get license number, where I file rti to get license copy?

posted Feb 13, 2020 by Syed Shamsudeen

2 Answers

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You can file the RTI application for copy of the License. You can file a RTI application to the concerned office/ department which issued the license under section 2 (f) and 6 (1) of RTI Act, 2005 after payment requisite. You need to provide you name and residential address. To file RTI application please visit

Please refer

answer Feb 14, 2020 by Monika
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You can file RTI for getting license number. you have not specified details in respect of your application for issuance of the license. You can file it to concern department . The concern office will provide information in case license has already issued or sanctioned.

answer Mar 2, 2020 by Prasad Vaidya
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