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Though transferred an amount of Rs 235 on 8/6/23 , against application no. 1206101 you are not processing it

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Though transferred an amount of Rs 235 on 8/6/23 , against application no. 1206101 you are not processing it

posted Jun 9, 2023 by Aryambika Us

1 Answer

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Your RTI has been filed on 14th June, 2023, with the Tracking ID EK428954136IN. For any assistance, please mail us to

answer Jun 16, 2023 by Shambhavi Rti
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I had filed Application No. 1068337, on 16.12.2021, along with the transfer of Rs. 235/-, through UPI TRansaction No. UPI/135027375708 dated 16.12.2021. There is no action at your end.

Kindly respond


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How much time will they take to take a decision.. It is wasting my academic year

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I being a authorised representive of the victim;s wife, Submitted a FIR on her behalf by regd post. on 24.03.2023 which was rfeceiv ed by
SHO,Ramgopalpet police station, Minister Road, Patigadda secunderabad-500003(T.S) who till date not supplied a copy of FIR with No.
The FIR was against a Doctor and Hospital for unethical, carelessness not following patients rights as per NHRC. Please supply the addess
of PIO to seek information on FIR status and details of fee to be paid and in whose favour.

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