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Number of RTI applications in month or year to same authority or different authorities rules in CIC and SIC,Gujarat

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How many RTI application send to CIC in one year to one authority? Count of RTI application if we applied to different authorities ?

posted Mar 14 by Hemal Baxi

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GHMC hyd replies : Can't seek opinion through questionnaires &PIO not expected to create and generate information. Need help on how we can get the below information. or please help in framing the RTI application in right format. Needed this information urgent as a Chruch is intentionally being constructed close to a Hindu temple.

We filed an RTI to get info on

Please provide the following information under section 2(f) and 2(j) of the RTI act:
1) The permissions and approvals required to construct a Church in a Residential
2) A certified copy of the rules and regulations to construct a Church in a
Residential Land.
3) The rules to obtain permission to construct a Church on a registered land in a
colony, which is in buffer zone/FTL of a Lake in Hyderabad.
4) A certified copy of the rules and regulations to construct a Church close to a
Hindu Temple, about 120 feet from the Hindu Temple.

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