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Can I file an RTI to coonoor municipality to get a copy of my approved plan which we have lost

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Our building located in coonoor municipality, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu was unauthorised and later it was regularised later by complying with seetaon conditions and we received approval. However we have lost the approved plans and other related documents. Can we get them by filing an RTI.

posted May 14, 2023 by Felix Thomas

1 Answer

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Often known as the blueprint of the construction site, a building plan helps in visualising the project before its completion. A building plan consists of elements such as elevations, electrical detailing, plumbing, site plan, floor plans, structural plans, cross-sections, and landscape drawings. It is extensively used by civil engineers and architects as a reference during the building’s construction.

As a building plan used as an architectural drawing for reference purposes, it is drafted with high precision and comprises the following elements:

Yes you can file RTI to get the approved building plan of the building. It can be filed either to the Municipal Corporation or the Town planning authority.

answer May 28, 2023 by Shambhavi Rti