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Future NRC throughout India: how to get electoral rolls of 1971 elections

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Following the NRC exercise in Assam, the govt of India has said that a nationwide exercise will be carried out in the whole of India. so in Assam, a portal had been provided where people could search their ancestors names and other legacy documents in the digitised form. however, even today in the digital India, there happens to be lot of discrepancies in the voter lists names, aadhar cards, ration cards etc, so we can think of how the historical data of pre 1971 would come out. so my question here is
Do we have a way to get the historical electoral rolls of my constituency for the elections held before 1971 ? I basically want to check the names of our ancestors and our linkages and get them corrected if their are discrepancies.

posted Dec 17, 2019 by Mohd Naeem