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I can file RTI for BESCOM ?

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posted Feb 28, 2019 by Hepsiba C

2 Answers

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Yes. RTI is applicable to BESCOM – Bangalore Electricity supply company Ltd.

You can file RTI applications addressing to the designated PIO to seek any required information maintained by BESCOM.

answer Mar 7, 2019 by Minakshi Goswami
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Yes, You can file RTI Application to BESCOM (Bangalore Electricity supply company Ltd.) Please refer to the link i.e., to have a clear idea about filing RTI Application to them. BESCOM has mentioned the following on the above mentioned link as follows:

RTI Orders and Circulars
4 (1) (a) – Disclosure under List of Files
4 (1) (b) – Disclosure under Roles & Responsibilities
4(1)(b)(i-xvii) – Obligations of Public Authorities
List of PIOs / APIOs
Format of Application under RTI
First Appeal Application under section 19(1)
RTI Annual Report
RTI Act,2005

BESCOM has clearly mentioned designated PIO for various Sub Division, Division and Zonal Office respectively, which has made it so easy for the Applicants to look out for specific zone, division and sub division depending on their respective queries/matter and Offices as well. You may also check the format and prescribed RTI fee from the above mentioned link.

answer Mar 8, 2019 by Antra Bhattacharjee
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