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Can I apply RTI to verify my mark sheet from Gujarat Technological University ?

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posted Apr 19, 2019 by Sangeeta Gope

1 Answer

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Yes, you can file RTI for Verification of Marksheet from Gujarat Technological University (GTU).

Gujarat Technological University is a State University established by the Government of Gujarat vide Gujarat Act No. 20 of 2007. The university is headed by the State Government, Gujarat and came into existence on 16/05/2007. Hence, the University is a "Public Authority" as per Section 2 (h) of the RTI Act 2005 and comes under its ambit.

You can file RTI for Marksheet Verification by asking the Certified Copies of the Marksheet under Section 2 (j) of the Act. The Application should be addressed to the designated "Public Information Officer (PIO) after paying the prescribed fee. You should attach Copies of the Marksheet / Certificate you wish to verify along with the application.

To know more about the procedure to file RTI Application for Marksheet Verification, please refer

To know more about the procedure to file RTI Applications, please refer

answer Apr 25, 2019 by Gloria Deka