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Mark-sheet related

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how can i verify that a particular marksheet is valid or not.

posted Sep 26, 2022 by Aman Kumar 1 abuse reported

1 Answer

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Public Authorities, in this case, of the concerned University are required to send the applicant attested copies of the marksheet requested by the student. Also, you can apply and get degree verification done for a student. You can attach the degree of the concerned University and ask if the degree has been issued by the that university. It is also possible to ask for some other official certificate for degree verification of a student.

The Universities are required to furnish this information to RTI applicants. Public Authorities will include all the Colleges and Universities. All these institutions need to appoint Public Information Officers (PIO) or Assistant Public Information Officers (APIO). Their names should be present on the website of the Institution.

answer Apr 9, 2023 by Shambhavi Rti