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Help filing Anonymous RTIs?

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We are writing on behalf of several organizations committed to transparency in the NorthEast who are afraid to file RTIs. It is very common that locals who file RTIs are pressured from family and friends in government to withdraw them. So it has become impossible to access this civic mechanism here. As a result, corruption grows unchecked, blatantly.

We are reaching out to lawyers, activists and orgs who to ask if you might consider filing them on our behalf so we and our families are protected from the pressure of the local authorities. We can arrange payment for these services if needed so that can be used.

If you might consider helping us, or connecting us to someone who might, or if you have any advice for us as we try to exercise our right to information, we would be most grateful. You can reach us at rtisikkim@protonmail dot com or rtitester123 at gmail dot com.

Thank you for considering this,
with gratitude

posted Oct 3, 2021 by Rti Tester

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