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Why do people need to file First appeal and Second appeals after filing RTI ?

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posted Feb 22, 2019 by Hepsiba C

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The First and Second Appeal under RTI Act 2005 are the subsequent steps after filing of the RTI application. Specifically First Appeal (FA) is filed under section 19 (1) RTI Act, 2005 when there is no response from the PIO within 30 to 45 days from the date of the application filed or when the applicant is not satisfied with the response provided by the PIO . The FA should be filed within 60 days of receiving the response from the PIO or no response.

Second appeal (SA) is filed under Section 19(3) of the RTI when there is No Order passed from the First Appellate Authority (FAA) or the Order passed by the FAA is not satisfactory. The SA can / should be filed within 90 days of from the date on which the Decision / Order for FA should have been made or was actually received.

answer Feb 22, 2019 by Monika
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