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RDO office delay for birth certificate

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Birth registration has not been done on time so now this is delayed registration . All procedures are followed and the application is now with the RDO office and he should create court order to town panchayat E.O for birth certificate registrations.

After the application has been files to the RDO how many days I have to wait to file the RTI wit the RDO office ?

posted Sep 16 by Mano M

1 Answer

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I have posted a Speed Post letter on13th April,2019 . First 9 days upto 22nd there was no tracking result visible after 14th ( movement of letter after the date 14th April,2019). Then I wrote an email to DDG ( PQA) post at Dak Bhavan, then only came the line " bag despatched to the destination S.O ." . This line persisted till 30th April ,2019. The SP letter was not intentionally delivered as the letter was a job application and the last date was 30th April,2019.

Complaint to every higher officials starting from DG(Posts) etc did not yield any result.

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I want to apply for an RTI to the Distt. Treasury Office , Jehanabad,Bihar to know the status of my pension revision order already issued by AG Office ,Patna to Distt. Treasury Officer,Jehanabd.

Can you please tell me
- the address to whom where I can sent the RTI application.
- To whom I need to make the payment.

mail -