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Taluka (District) school is answering that they might lost service book of retired employee

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My mother is retired primary teacher from Gujarat Government
Currently in service book record and pension her details is registered with before marriage details.
Now, she want to change her name in school records and pension records with her husband's name .
For this first task is to change her name in government gazette is already been done by her.
So, next steps to get change done with her old service book record but Talkua (District) school authorities is answering that they don't have service records of my mother so I wans to file RTI to get answer as they are giving me unauthenticated answers.
Could some please help me to file an RTI or Guide me to get it done.

posted Jun 26, 2021 by Darshit Sheth

1 Answer

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You can file application to requesting details of authorities in whose custody service book was during date on which your mother joined service to till date .
You can alternatively request inspection official record of record room where service of employees is kept .

answer Jun 29, 2021 by Prasad Vaidya
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