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I need to get below BDA site documents ; please guide

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A) BDA Layout Plan;

B) Correct Dimension (CD) Report from the BDA;

C) Entire allotment file to be secured under RTI from BDA

D) If the property has come under the BBMP limits then Special Notice if any issued by BBMP assigning Municipal Number and assessing the property to tax

posted Dec 16, 2020 by Kushaal

1 Answer

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Yes, you can file RTI to Bangalore Development Authority (BDA). BDA was created on 6 January 1976 under the Bangalore Development Authority Act 1976. The BDA is a largely un - elected local authority (2 out of 23 members are elected BBMP corporators) with most of its members accountable to, and directly appointed by the state government. It aims at Plan, regulate, control, monitor and facilitate urban development in Bangalore Metropolitan Area, to ensure sustainable and orderly growth. Hence, it is Public Authority u/s 2(h) and bound to reply u/s 2 (f) and 6 of RTI Act, 2005. You can make an application to after payment of requisite fees mentioning the details of the property (complete address).

To file the same, please visit: or

answer Dec 21, 2020 by Monika