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Unauthorized Construction- complatin

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We have complain about unauthorized construction in EDMC Diary # 6930 dated 22nd Sept and thereafter filed application for RTI on 1st Oct. We do not have any reply till date. What is further action against this.

posted Oct 21, 2020 by Palvinder Kaur

1 Answer

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Kindly visit or email us at

answer Dec 10, 2020 by Monika
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I want a file an ONLINE RTI in the RTO for asking them the reason for the delay in the approval of my Learning Licence.

But in the RTI website of Maharashtra, the RTO is NOT mentioned in the list of departments!!

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Dear Sir,
My mobile call records CDR was accessed by my Brother-in-law, who is a police sub inspector without any FIR or court permission in bangalore. Accessing CDR without permission violates fundamental rights. So , I request you kindly guide me how take action against him . I need to know how he accessed my CDR and in which case he has added my mobile number to get the details. without Solid proof , i can not file a case against him.
Waiting for quick and positive response.
Appreciate your Support

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