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RTI | Speedpost | Unable to Track

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Hello Team,

I would like to track my RTI application speed post status with given number (13 digit). But i couldn't track the status on below URL and suggest me how to know my RTI application status on this?

Suresh Pala

posted Mar 13 by Suresh Pala

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Hello all, i was recruited by District selection committee, Government of Andhra pradesh for a specific Post. In the appointment order they gave a condition regarding refund of total salary if i fail to service for a certain period. The condition is as follows:
"You will be liable to refund the government the pay and allowances and any other remuneration received by you in addition to the amount spent by Government on your Training.
i) if you failed to serve the department for a period of 3 years after the completion of training for any reasons
ii)if you discontinued the training or are discharged while under training for misconduct or any other reasons "
Note: Our probabation period is 2 years.

I want to file an RTI to know
1.what does the word TRAINING mean. Is it the "Probation period of 2 years" or "Departmental Training given to us for 2 months while joining"
2.So we need to serve 5 years (2 years Probation + 3 years Regular service) or just 3 Years

Is this kind of RTI Valid ? Please help me.Thank you

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I'm from Tamilnadu,How I file rti to get license number, where I file rti to get license copy?

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I have no knowledge on english language , my mother language Telugu, so i want to write in rti application in Telugu language , what can i do ?

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The company rejected my incentives on several grounds and I am sure i am eligible for that. But I want to get these statement from them to prove it. When I asked for it under RTI they rejected it as it come under section 8 (1) (d) and (j).

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I have done my graduate under DR CV university. I need to check whether it is genuine or fake.

is it eligible to apply govt & private IT Jobs.