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Details of Employees

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How i we get details of employees in in Andhrapradesh?

Working as an doctor /nurse?


posted Feb 27 by Ramana

2 Answers

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You can file RTI application to the concerned government hospital to get the details of the employees in the hospital. The government hospitals are owned by a government and receives government funding hence, it is a Public Authority under section 2(h) of RTI Act, 2005. You can file the application to concerned PIO of hospital along with requisite fees under section 2 (f), 2 (j) and 6 of the Act.
For further details please visit
To file RTI application please visit

answer Feb 28 by Monika
Thanks Madam
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Information should be published under Section 4 (1) (b) of RTI Act 2005 by each department.

answer Mar 2 by Prasad Vaidya
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