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Speed post tracking no EK309429360IN , RTI application number 1049112 is not active on website.

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Sir I have filed RTI application number 1049112 speed post tracking number is EK309429360IN on 17 Sep 21 but speed post tracking no is not active till now, I am unable to track my application.

posted Sep 20, 2021 by Anurag Singh

1 Answer

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Go to related official homepage

answer Jan 17 by Abadul Dayan Khan
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I want to know if RTI works on Contempt of court cases. I have filed a Contempt of Court petition in Andhra High Court (2019) and no action had been taken against this so far. For which, I would like to use RTI facility.


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I had filed Application No. 1068337, on 16.12.2021, along with the transfer of Rs. 235/-, through UPI TRansaction No. UPI/135027375708 dated 16.12.2021. There is no action at your end.

Kindly respond


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Official RTI website is not working since last 3 days. Payment is paid by 4 times but still the website failed to generate registration number. anyone have any idea about this or face similar issue??

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I filed my RTI No: 777933 on 14/4, expected reply from gov by 20/5, no reply received yet till 7/7, and I am being asked to pay fees for appeal on your site. Why? Isn't it the duty of govt to reply in time? I also cannot check the RTI status on govt site as the registration number given above seems to be that of your site and not that of RTI dept. Please help resolve