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RTI FOR OLD SALE DEED COPY(1963) from sub registrar office jetpur,rajkoy

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Can I get old land sale deed copy and other land document
s tax status paid,

posted Nov 11, 2020 by Hemal Baxi

1 Answer

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Yes, you cam file RTI application for copy Sale Deed from Sub Registrar Office. Sub-Registrar means the concerned registering officer appointed under the Indian Registration Act, 1908 (XVI of 1908), hence it is a Public Authority as per section 2(h) of RTI Act, 2005. The main role of the Sub Registrar is to register documents relating to property transactions and collect proper stamp duty and registration fee. Hence, you can file the RTI application u/s 4 and 6 mentioning the land details and sale deed number after payment of requisite fees. You can file the application in the concerned office where the deed was registered.

You can visit:

answer Dec 10, 2020 by Monika
We don't know the old sale deed no.hence we give date of nondh of talati to subregistrar but not able to find,what to do find the same?
My RTI application forwarded to subregistrar by PIO in reply for sale deed copy till 30days ,I file appeal FAA to get the copy as I recd only reply from PIO that you get information from him but copy not sent .
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My name is Rajan from Kerela, i had purchased a agriculture land before 30-40 years and moved to work in different state.
my brother was paying the tax for many years in my absence and then he stopped paying due to some conflicts.

At present, i had come visited the Governement Registrar Office and wanted to pay my property TAX but they are not accepting it.
they are delaying and telling some silly reasons it even though i showed them my document copy.
i want to pay the land tax which is due for many years now so that i can take EC and possession certificate and get hold of my property.i had already obtained Resurvery number few years ago.
also when i try to pay property tax online, it is asking for "Last Tax Paid Receipt Number" and "previous Tax Paid amount" which i do not know since its due for many years.

Kindly suggest if RTI can help me get
1) how much tax dues my land property have so that i can pay tax and proceed furthur.
2) previous tax receipt number and Tax Amount (i dont know which year).

Thank You,

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As I replied by sub registrar that document no and year of sale deed required to search copy of sale deed.I request that I have only survey no.of village,dist,7/12,8a and entry date etc as per talati.They not able to reply of my RTI APPLICATION,now how can I get by first appeal already done.If I go for second appeal,it will take more time,is there any clause of finding old document,because unique I'd given to land from 1965,where my land case is 1963.