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Wrong First Appeal and refund

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Hi Team ,
I have created two RTI's

I have Created an RTI for First Appeal ,Application Number : 1190114

The First Appeal has been filed and sent but the address is mentioned as Basheer Bagh Commisionerate but the police station which should reply is in
LB nagar i think the address is wrong please take a look and make necessary corrections ASAP as the time goes the CCTV footage in PS would be Overwritten and evidence would be deleted.

for the second i have made a payment but First Appeal has not been files yet i have done Payement on 8th may
Application No: 1198822 ,please let me know when the filing would be done or how i can i process the refund


posted May 11, 2023 by V Arjun

1 Answer

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Sir, please write us an email to We will assist you in these queries of your RTI application.

answer May 28, 2023 by Shambhavi Rti