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How To Profitably Sell Gold Jewellery

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So you wish to sell some of your gold? Luckily, there are numerous companies and outlets out there, even online, that would be more than glad to pay you for that old jewellery. However be very careful when doing it. You require to be extremely market savvy and alert whenever you try to sell! Yes, it is possible to receive plenty of good cash for your gold, but it requires that you go 22ct gold in with both your eyes wide open.

How Can I Do It?

When dealing with online companies, first you request for their free pre-paid wrapper or envelope that you will utilize in sending your gold to them. A majority of these company envelopes or wrappers come pre-insured in the event of loss or theft during transit. You may opt to secure extra insurance should your gold amount be worth more their cover or alternatively just split it into a number of smaller pre-insured packs.

Most of these online gold companies will subsequently email or call you with their valuation, which you either could reject gold jewellery or accept. Some others will simply automatically dispatch to you a cheque worth what they valued the gold. You should return this cheque within a specified time normally ranging from 10 to 12 days if not pleased with their appraisal. Ensure that you verify their policy on returns prior to selling or sending your gold to them, because policies do vary.

Are These Companies Trustworthy?

A number of these companies have been trading for years and as such you may be confident that being established jewellers they are bound to be trustworthy when dealing with you. However, it is possible to have a handful of companies out for that quick profit and unsurprisingly; such are unlikely to give much heed to fairness. Neither are they concerned with their company's reputation or customer service. They are just out for a quick buck and then run.

It therefore pays to make use of your common sense as you sell gold. Do they have positive media coverage and dependable testimonials? For how long Indian gold jewellery have they engaged in the business? Do a Google search on them and check various online forums and chat rooms to see what about them turns up.

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When considering cashing in your gold, you want to ask yourself is how much of an emergency this is. Are you in urgent need of cash? Or can you wait? Almost half the battle in getting the best price for gold is not being in a rush when it comes time to sell. A lot of guys save up their gold, but then a crisis hits and they are forced to sell at whatever price they can get. Unfortunately, the emergency "have to sell right now" price is not normally as good as the price you will get if you can be choosy and wait till the right buyer comes along. So I'd say that one of the most important things about getting the best price for your gold is good planning.

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