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oxybreath pro mas

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oxybreath pro mask 

The deadly Coronavirus continues to spread around the world. Fortunately, some companies have started to take action. Today, we’re reviewing the OxyBreath Pro mask.

The new “premium face mask” promises to protect wearers from harmful bacteria and microparticles in the air.

The mask fits comfortably over your face. It’s also surprisingly stylish: it’s available in a sleek black color instead of the traditional blue color seen on other face masks.


What is OxyBreath Pro?

OxyBreath Pro claims to be a highly-effective anti-pollution clean air breathing mask that fully covers your mouth and nose for maximum protection and defense against airborne microparticles.


Well-said. Get advice from a local healthcare professional about the best preparedness tactics you can do in case of any emergency situation. Let’s review Oxybreath Pro’s inner workings on how the anti-pollution face mask claims to help filter and purify clean air for breathing.

Material: made of sponge, breathable, windproof, sweat absorption, comfortable and friendly to the skin. Reusable, economical-friendly and economical. Unlike other disposable masks, this mount mask is washable and can be repeated using 388 times. Not only does it not have a harmful effect on the environment, but it is economical. Humanized design. The ergonomic cut on the nose and the adjustable, elastic loop of the loop ear can fit the ear closely. It is enough to cover nose, assembly, face.

posted Sep 11 by anonymous