Sir, I worked in a Private hospital in Delhi and completed all the terms and conditions but did not get any experience certificate even after repeated application. It was some 4 years ago. Can anything be done through RTI

  • Good Morning sir. My name is nagaraju goli son of subbaramaiah. I have a problem with my father name in my education profile.

    when i am joining in the six standard i took the tc from 5th standard school in that tc my father name (Subbaiah) was written wrong by head master. At that time i don't know what to do. And i went to join in 6th standard then we asked to them to change my father name. But they said that we don't have right to change and we asked them the solution they said that continue with this name. So i Just continued with that name at that time i don't known about this. Now i have completed my graduation with that name. I want to change my fathers name to the right name. I am facing the problems to apply for the passport. So please give me the solution to change my fathers name from ssc to the graduation. I asked to so many people but i didn't get the solution.

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