Housing Society Details from Registrar Office

  • Can we get information of Financial audit reports & MOMs of GB meetings & other information related to a housing society?

    As far as I know Housing society has to submit these documents to Registrar office.

    The Housing society(owners' association) is in Hyderabad

  • RTI Experts


    As per recent court judgments and CIC orders, co operative societies are outside the ambit of RTI Act as they are not public authorities.

    In case, you wish to seek infotmation regarding them, you could avail the remedies available under the concerned co operative societies act of a particular state.

    Additionally you could also approach the office of the registrar which is a government body and the RTI Act is applicable to it. Under Section 2(f) of the RTI Act, you could obtain copies of the relevant documents and records maintained by the authority.

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