Pattedars, Mutation records under RTI

  • Can I get the details under RTI:

    Q1) How Many Pattedars are there in Survey Number 339, Extent: 15.20 gts situated at Bheemgal (V) & (M), Dist Nizamabad and what are there names and what extent of land in their names?

    Q2) What are the ROR Mutation proceedings file number and which year the said mutation proceedings took place for each pattedar in Survey Number 339 in Bheemgal (V) & (M)?

    Q3) What are the documents basing on which the said mutation proceedings were affected in the ROR records and Pahanies for Survey number 339 in Bheembal (V) & (M)?

  • RTI Experts


    The authorities maintaining land records are public authorities and the RTI Act is applicable to them.

    Under section 2(f), you could obtain certified copies of the relevant documents and records as maintained by the authority in the form maintained for different survey/khasra number. You could obtain details regarding change of ownership of a particular land/survey number/khasra number by providing it's complete details. Additionally you may also request for personal inspection of the records and obtain copies of relevant documents thereafter

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