illegal encroachment in Municipal land

  • How can i get help from RTI remove illegal encroachment near my home. People are making home in Municipal land by illegal.

    1. What is the procedure to remove such encroachment.?

    2. Did government or Municipal take any action against such encroachment ever..??

  • RTI Experts


    The municipal authority under which the construction takes place and also the authority to which the land belongs is a public authority and the RTI Act is applicable to it.

    Under section 2, you could obtain certified copies of the relevant documents and records. You could obtain copies of the sanctioned plans of the said land along with the approvals and permissions obtained for the said land. You could also obtain details of any complaints made against the said illegal construction and obtain details as to whether the authorities are aware of any construction taking place. Additionally, you could obtain information with regards to reporting of instances of illegal construction taking place and the rules/policy regarding timelines and action to be taken against such activities.