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  • I am a Pnb Customer. Its about 3 months that i have register the complain. I didn't get video footage till date. Now bank reply that they didn't have any video footage of that day. I had made a transition from HDFC bank ATM and the amount of rs10000 is debited from my account and another transition from SBI ATM and another rs 10000 transition is debited from my account also but i cant get the cash on 4 dec . My a/c no is 0962001500023730. I had registered the complaint which is rejected twice. SRN no. Of my complaint is A021694363 and A021695540. The response from the bank is is provided underneath. Kindly look into the matter and provide me the required video footage as soon as possible. And help me to get the refund.

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    If the concerned bank is a government bank, then it is a public authority and the RTI Act is applicable to it.

    If the concerned bank is a private bank, then the RTI Act would not be applicable directly.

    However, you may also additionally approach the concerned police authorities for accessing the CCTV footage.

    You could also ask for details regarding the status of your complaints under the RTI Act and also obtain the footage which is part of the records maintained by the public authority.

  • PNB (Punjab National Bank) is a Central Public Authority, and RTI Act is applicable to it. Your problem is related more to Grievance Redressal rather than to RTI Act. You can follow complaint procedure (https://www.pnbindia.in/en/ui/customer-grievances....) to get your refund. You can use RTI to substantiate your effort. I mean, first submit complaint, and then file RTI to know the status of your complaint. If your complaint is not resolved, then appeal before higher authority in the channel to get your issue resolved. That is the only way. You can't use RTI to redress your grievance.

    You can definitely file RTI to get video footage, but that may not show whether you withdrawn cash or not. Video footage will only show whether you were present in ATM or not. Thus, I suggest you to properly follow the Customer Complaint Redressal Procedure in PNB.

    One request I have is to kindly mention Full Form (Punjab National Bank) rather than abbreviation(Pnb) to get proper response.

    Thanking You

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