TRAI under RTI

  • In spite of having registered my mobile number in the Do Not Disturb registry of TRAI, I have experienced over 2000 infringements since 2009 by voice call or SMS. In particular, state-owned BSNL has refused to act on over 100 of these complaints with the remark "not a telemarketer" or "no action required" though the content of the message or call is clearly promotional. TRAI has refused to act decisively against BSNL or serial offender telemarketers - and allows them to reconnect after disconnection for a token fee of Rs 500. TRAI regulations also say clearly that all telecom resources of unregistered telemarketers will be disconnected, but there is no evidence this has ever been done. This shows likely collusion between TRAI, BSNL and telemarketers. But it also raises the spectre of a large number of unverified connections being issued by BSNL, which could be going into the hands of criminals, insurgents or terrorists.

    1. Specifically what action has been taken to ensure that BSNL provides a detailed explanation for the basis of responses like "Not a telemarketer" and "no action required"

    2. Whether any BSNL-issued SIM cards have ever been recovered from criminals, terrorists or insurgents - and, if so, how many since KYC verification became mandatory

    3. How many serial offenders have had "all their telecom resources disconnected" as per the TRAI regulations on Unsolicited Commercial Call Customer Preferences

    Can i get these information under rti from TRAI?

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