Looking for contact details of all helplines to Depression and Suicide.

  • Hey,

    I am working to compile all the Suicide as well as Depression related helplines in India, something similar to the link below.


    But I am not sure to which authority or department I should approach. I am not even sure such data will be available with any governmental authority or such helplines are required to be registered and governed under some law.

    Also I am looking to compile a list of all qualified psychiatrists as well as psychologists in India. Is any such data available with any governmental authority?

    Please guide me, what I can do to get the required results. Your help is much appreciated.

    Thank you,


  • RTI Experts


    It seems unlikely that such type of data/information would have been compiled in the form of a single source.

    You may address your application to the Ministry of Health and Medical Council of India. Both the bodies are public authorities and the RTI Act is applicable to them.

    Under Section 2(f) of the RTI Act, you could obtain the relevant documents and records relating to the subject matter of your query.

  • Hey @amanmadan88,

    Thanks for the leads. Much appreciated :)

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