Details of auction done by dhharth J Parmar (Addln Legislative Counsel - Gujarati)

  • dhharth J Parmar (Addln Legislative Counsel - Gujarati) Legislative Dept , Ministry of Law & Justice had been deputed as Asst. Registrar in Debt Recovery Tribunal, Ahmedabad and DRT Mumbai , on 27.12.99 & 15.12.2000 respectively. he was further deputed to DRT Mumbai on 28.03.04 as registrar. it was believed that during his stay he has executed his function illegitimately by conducting false auctions and giving advises to willful defaulters. I need the information on the auction he executed under his tenure. the details of the cases he decharged during his tenure with both DRTs. Any departmental notes exchanged on his conduct with DRT. any note from Ministry of finance against Mr.S.j. Parmar in during or after his tenure.

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