FAA asking for additional fee for documents

  • I did not get reply from PIO within mandated 30 days .I filed an appeal with Municipal Commissioner for deemed refusal of Information after 45 days from date of sending RTI application.

    Received reply for First Appeal after 30 days from Appellate authority.

    Appellate Authority is demanding additional fess of Rs 78 for documents requested in my RTI application.

    Please advice

  • First of all, Appellate Authority is not supposed to provide information, and so not required to ask any fees from you. Appellate Authority can only direct PIO to furnish information. Since only PIO can provide information, so he can only demand fees, and not Appellate Authority. But, in your case, since PIO has failed to provide information within 30 days, he shall provide you information FREE of cost as per section 7(6) of RTI Act which says: "Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-section (5), the person making request for the information shall be provided the information free of charge where a public authority fails to comply with the time limits specified in subsection (1)".

    Thus, in your case it is unreasonable and thus illegal for Appellate Authority to demand money from You. Instead of paying fees, you please bring to notice of Appellate Authority Section 7(6) of the Act, and ask him to direct PIO to provide information free of cost.

    Kumari Puja


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