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  • Can I get the following information through RTI?

    Justice Mihir Kumar Jha retired on 1st Dec 2015. He has disposed many cases on 30th Nov 2015 but no judgement has been pronounced. Now it has been more than 3 months since his retirement.

    Does he still holds the right to pronounce judgement in such cases?

  • RTI Experts


    As soon as a Judge ceases to be in office, the responsibilities also cease to continue. In this case as the judge has retired, there will be no responsibilities that will be performed after retirement.

  • NO

    Judges pronounce judgement not in the individual capacity, but as a Court. Judgement of a Judge is known as "Judgement of Court", and not the "Judgement of Justice X". Also, you file case before Court, and not before any Judge. Thus, as soon as any any Judge gets retire, he can't work in the capacity of Court, except in case special appointment.

    Kumari Puja


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