RTI Regarding Paternity Leave

  • I am working as S.I COPA- Supervisor Instructor [Lecturer] for Computer Trade at Industrial Training Institute Savli I am Gujarat Government FIX PAY[5 Yrs] employee.My service period is 4.5years

    Please help me. I want to do RTI for following questions

    1] I am here to teach village student who gets admission in ITI.

    But in all over gujarat SI COPA are given clerical and computer work of entire ITI.I am not allowed to teach students. So exactly whats is the duty of SUPERVISOR INSTRUCTOR COPA?

    2] On 28-2-2016 my wife gave birth to baby boy. So i demanded PATERNITY LEAVE. but my principal is denying to give PL because i am in FIX pay.

  • RTI Experts


    ITI is a public authority and the RTI Act is applicable to it.

    You could obtain the rules of service of a particular category of employees and the responsibilities alloted for a particular job. You could obtain copies of relevant documents and records in this regard under section 2 along with copies of any recent notifications/orders passed by the department and correspondence/communication exchanged between departments/officials on this subject

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