RTI regarding loan details of a vehicle

  • I have the details (registration number, engine number, insurance company etc) of a motor vehicle. I want to know from which financial institution was a loan taken to purchase this vehicle. Is it possible to file an RTI to get this information?

  • RTI Experts


    There is no centralised agency/body which compiles and/or maintain such kind of data/information as the loan availed could be either from private or public institution.

  • NO

    First of all, Loan is taken by a person to buy vehicle in his personal capacity. Thus, it is personal information, and you are not entitled to get personal information, if it has no relation to public interest, through RTI Act.

    Second, Loan can be taken from private banks, which are not covered under definition of Public Authority. Thus, you can't envoke RTI Act to get information.

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