RTI against Delhi School of Management

  • I want to file an RTI against Delhi School of Management the management department of Delhi Technological University as a girl from in 2014-16 batch is pursuing MBA from there as well as she joined a govt. bank through IBPS last August. As far as I know no one can be allowed to pursue regular studies as well as govt. job that too within a year of joining. So I want to know about the same as the department is allowing her to pursue even after knowing that she is doing govt. job.

  • RTI Experts


    Accessing another person's information falls under the category of 'third party' information and as such, this kind of information is not disclosed. However, if you are able to show any larger public interest that warrants the disclosure of such information, then the information can be disclosed.

    You would need to highlight the issue of larger public interest involved as to why such information should be disclosed to you and how it is important that such information comes out which depicts any wrongdoing and/or wrongful concealment within the mentioned public authority. Your application should be in the form of a query whereby you can seek information about the subject matter of your query.

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