Loans in APGVB

  • Hi,

    Can we file the RTI for details about the loans in APGVB?

    1. To know the details of Crop loans, Corporation (SC,ST,BC) loans and Mudra loans.

    2. Complete information about loans:

    a) How many members take crop loans and how many members submit their Land documents.

    b) How many members taking loans on genuine basis that is eligible candidates.

    c) How many BC corporation loans were given for a specific time duration.

  • RTI Experts


    APGVB (Andhra Pradesh Grameen Vikas Bank) is a public authority and the RTI Act is applicable to it.

    Under Section 2(f) of the Act, you could obtain the figures and statistics, as per your query, in the form of documents and records and copies of any reports prepared by the authority in this regard.

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