Original DMC through RTI

  • i took admission in MBA last year in Bhai gurdas college Sangrur.On admission time they took my all original DMC.After some days i had to leave the college because our all crop waste with heavy rain.then my parents could not be able to pay my college fee. then i had to leave the college.The college did not give me my original DMC which i need.Now please tell me can i get my back my original DMC through RTI?

  • RTI Experts


    If the college is a private college, the RTI Act would not be applicable to it. In case it is a government college, only then would the RTI Act be applicable.

    However, your query seems to be more of a grievance rather than one for seeking information. You may file a written complaint to the concerned authority regarding return of your original documents and in case there is no adequate response, you may file a RTI Application asking for the reasons as to why your documents have not been returned along with the details of officers concerned who would have dealt with your complaint.

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