Can we file RTI to get details on theft issues at a Government office

  • A central government owned insurance office is in news for frequent thefts.I feel fishy on this issue,The officer incharge never reports to this to police as he says no cash was stolen.Does it mean he takes all the cash to his home at the end of the day which he is not supposed to do.I wonder why no protective measures such as installing cctv camera,security guard etc was not done by the officer.Based on this scenario,I'd like to file an RTI to the PIO asking about the theft issue such as whether officer incharge reported the incident to higher ups,police and why no security meaures taken,what was the cash balance on the day of theft etc.Can I file RTI on this issue?Please advice

  • RTI Experts


    As per your query, the concerned organisation is a government insurance company and thus the RTI Act will be applicable to it.

    Under section 2(f) of RTI Act, you could obtain documents and records pertaining to specific aspect of your queries. You could obtain information relating to the existing and planned security measures at the premises, details of instances of theft and the rules for reporting the same to higher authorities and other related details

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