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    I am an ex-army officer who got released from service on 21st Mar 2013. My final settlement from PCDA(O) Pune is still pending. I have written several letters to them but in vein.They are asking me to submit vacation report of one accommodation in Jammu which was allotted to me during my tenure in Jammu in 2012.AAO, BSO Satwari cantt in Jammu is also not responding to my request to provide vacation report.

    In this case filing an RTI help?

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    The Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Officers) is covered under the RTI Act.

    Under Section 2(f) of RTI Act, you could obtain documents and records regarding your leave and stay schedule and other relevant and related details. You could also obtain the file noting number of your file and obtain copies of all documents pertaining to the same. You could also ask the reasons for delay in processing your application and also the details of officers concerned dealing with your application.

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