Retirement date

  • I am a retired railway employee. My date of birth ia 14/11/49. My retirement date is 30/11/2009. In this regard I have following questions. I know it is very late to raise this doubt.I think this may go long way for the benefit of the lakhs and lakhs of employees who is in the verge of retirement.

    1.How the retirment age is determined.
    2.Age of 60 is determined by the date of birth.

    1. On completion of the age of 60.
      Will the govt clarify the same.

  • RTI Experts

    Yes, you can get the details from the Railway Department regarding the retirement details through an RTI.

    You can file this RTI for free through us before 24th of this month, kindly contact us at 09916517744, to file your RTI for free.

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