RTI query....URGENT

  • What is the punishment for wrong RTI ?
    Maximum time period for first RTI.
    If not satisfied with RTI reply.
    If RTI filed to wrong dept.
    If matter is in the court and RTI was filed.

  • RTI Experts


    Your queries have been answered on the basis of the information provided by you.

    1. As such there is no definition of a 'wrong RTI' and therefore no punishment for the same. Incase the questions are irrelevant, the RTI Application can be dismissed, at best.

    2. The maximum time for a reply to be made to a RTI Application is 30 days from the date of receipt of the application.

    3. If you are not satisfied with the RTI reply, under Section 19 you can file a first appeal within thirty days from the date of response or when the thirty days time period had expired.

    4. If the RTI is addressed to the wrong department, then under Section 6(3), the application has to be transferred to the concerned department.

    5. Sub judice information is very much disclosed under the RTI Act. Various CIC orders have held that information pertaining to pending court cases is not exempted from disclosure under the RTI Act.

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