• i want to clear my all doubt about cast reservation,what was the main purpose of applying cast based reservation system in india.?and yet how many people who were not deserv but they lifted benifits.?
    and how many qualified students due to this system denied admission into a reputed colleges and university and also missed the good job sacrificed.?also tell me the comparative report of GEN,OBC,SC andST caste of every five years since these system had been applied then untill 2015.

  • RTI Experts


    There are a lot of aspects attached to your query and it is not possible for every information to be made available through RTI.

    However, you could obtain some information. Under section 2(f) of RTI Act, you could documents and records pertaining to any report, survey or analysis conducted by any department or government body pertaining to reservations.

    You could also ask for certain statistics and figures relating to reservations which are specific in nature.

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