Inconvenience caused by Police at Marriage

  • Hi,
    I was in my Friends sister marriage in a small town while returning back to our city in bus with all family members and were cheering up when bus started.
    The bus started just in-front of a Police station.
    One police men who was drunk got into the bus and was shouting at the family, started using unparliamentary words and abusing words.
    We were in car behind so Myself and some friends told sorry to them and even though he was not stopping.
    So we went inside police station to talk to SI about this.
    SI instead of listening to us he started supporting the drunk police and he also used abusing words and started to beat us and kept us in lock up for some time until our relatives came and spoke to them.
    I want to know were we wrong by going onside to talk to police or was the police wrong here.

  • RTI Experts

    Incase you want to avail the use of RTI, then the appropriate step would be do obtain the details of police officers who were posted at that particular police station at that time by filing a RTI application to the concerned police station. You could also lodge a complaint against the said act to the concerned Police Headquarters.

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