RTI - Marriage Registration / Court Summons / Post Office

    1. I want my marriage certificate along with the supporting documents me and my husband submitted for getting the marriage registered. I only know the place and tentative date where marriage is registered.

    2. Ahmedabad court has sent summons to Noida but the acknowledgement of it has not yet received and no one knows the where about of that summons whether received, refused or undelivered. Can I get that through RTI?

    3. Summons is sent by RPAD through Post Department. The status of tracking at one point of time shows Delivered and next day it shows undelivered. I doubt the receiver along with the post master or delivery postal man has manipulated the fact and has returned the same. Can I file RTI to know the name of the post man out for delivery of that parcel and why has he manipulated the material?

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