Harassed by SBI Bank - Wrong ECS charges put by bank

  • I am paying HDFC Home loan ECS from SBI and for December 2015, 2 times 'ecs return charges' has been put and after long mail and complaint, now I got refund of both wrong charges. My Question is : Will I get compensation for banks mistake and harassment done to me through RTI?

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    RTI cannot be used for getting compensations. It generally is filed to get information already held with the PIO or the public information officer. related to a specific department of the government.

  • @Jolly Thanks for the update. But, can I get what is the policy in SBI for such mistakes done by banker?

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    You can file an RTI to get a copy of such policies if followed by the SBI. Please be clear in your application about the problem you are facing and what is the specific information that you are seeking.

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