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  • dear sir
    in the year 2004 husband and wife given power of atterney to one person jointly in one document by proper regitration. But the lands separately acquired by them and the husband property by purchase and wife portion gifted by her brother. In the same year we have completed registration on 3-12-2004 and on 24-12-2004 the husband dead. for the land pathway rights given by the power of atterny only the wife portion of lands,
    Later the wife given a settlement deed to her son without cancelling the existing power of atterny in the year of 2007 and the son changed the patta in revenue records and blocked the pathway and till for eight years we are not able to use the pathway.
    in this i want to clear how Sub Registrar admits the settlement deed without cancelling the existing registered power of atterney.
    Regarding this where I have to get details and is there any chance to apply for cancellation of Patta in the revenue records

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