• I purchased a Toyota Etios Vehicle on ____ with TR No.: _____. When I went to register the vehicle with necessary documents to RTO Kondapur, I was given the information that a bike with registration number ______ has been registered in my name in 2011 at RTO Medchal. The staff at the counter was adamant that I was owning another vehicle and I was trying to save the 2% extra tax applicable to the second vehicle. I never owned a bike or any other vehicle nor did I ever live in an area coming under Medchal RTO.

    The office staff informed that they will verify the ownership and once cleared, I can register my vehicle. They issued a copy of the verification request letter prepared for Medchal RTO, saying that this paper can be shown to the traffic police if they question on the road about my vehicle's registration. It has been more than 2 months since my registration is pending due to this issue. I have visited Kondapur RTO multiple times enquiring about the status of their verification. I have gone to Medchal RTO 3 times to find out if something has been done about it. As it appears, the verification request has not reached Medchal RTO so far. Apparently, this letter is sent to Attapur RTO and then forwarded to Medchal RTO from there. I also went in search of the owner of the bike to his Panchsheel Enclave, Old Alwal address. Apparently, there is no one with that name living in that address now.

    I have seen many people thronging the counter after 3:00 p.m. enquiring about the status of their verification. Apparently, RTO verifies only the name of the person who is registering to check if there is another vehicle registered in that name in their computer system. Other validation processes like date of birth or photo ID verification is not available. Already 2 months have passed since the verification request has been sent to Medchal RTO. There is no reply so far. Can something be done to speed up through RTI?

    Jose Mathew

  • RTI Experts


    We can file an RTI requesting the status of your Verification Request letter. If the right kind of questions are asked then there is a possibility to speed up the process of ownership verification. The RTI's can be filed at Kondapur RTO, Medchal RTO and Attapur RTO.

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