Against RTI Website

  • RTI is a right for the people and it should not be processed with fees.There are several IT Companies ready to show the information in the form of graphs and charts for all queries. It will make the process faster and every people of the country will know all the information easily.The idea of government activities should be monitored by the people through RTI is the purpose of the website but it is not fully utilized.Either the government officials are not interested in making the government activities visible 100 %.People should ask for making it visible from a blackbox view to a whitebox view.

  • Agree with you on this. RTI is a basic right of every individual of our country. But the same has been commercialised in the name of RTI Application through intermediary.

    It should be stopped immediately ?

  • @ashakantasharma
    I agree with you , asking for fee for something that is only related to me sounds good , but even for public domain ,seriously ? Whats the point of having a platform to do all this , but i have found one website these guys are doing this for free , i wonder what there business model is but they are good , if anyone who is not interested in paying this glut money for nothing do give that website a try .
    P.S not linked with the website in any way .

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