Whether a RTI Petition and a Writ Petition can be filed simultaneously?

  • Whether a RTI Petition and a Writ Petition filed concurrently or simultaneously for same cause and if so, how it will be closed?

  • RTI Experts

    A RTI Application and a Writ petition are seperate remedies and you can file them simultaneously, irrespective of the cause of actin involved.
    Infact, you can use the information obtain from the RTI Act in the writ petition.

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  • Hi,

    I am a senior citizen worked in SBI for over 20 years and came out on VRS in 2001. But SBI failed to answer my RTI queries why Pension was not paid to me.

    However, CIC pulls up SBI and provide me information of considering Pension payment process Note of the Competent Authority, on the basis of Madras High Court Judgement dated 16.2.2015 and Upheld by SC, be supplied to me and FAA must conduct a personal hearing within 20days and submit a "Speaking Order" within and submit a compliance report to Commission within 30 days. The CIC order is attached.

    CIC, RTI pulled up FAA,/CPIO SBI to consider n pay Pension to Senior Citizen wef 2001 with interest https://t.co/Twki8Qwbut

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