is account no must for getting pf claim

  • i worked for a company which totally shut down. therefore it is impossible to get any details now. how is this claim expedited? i have all employment details but not the pf a/c no. i have contacted pf office and they have asked for salary details and proof that there was a pf deduction. however, they are just beating around the bush and not taking the application to its logical conclusion.

    my point is that every record must be associated with some name and so why cant they just retrieve the info through my name? i dont have the pf no.

    govt has stated that they will clear out all inoperative accounts with or without the details. so is pf a/c such a big deal anymore?

  • RTI Experts

    You can make an application for getting the account details on the basis of whatever information available at your end. Under section 2(f) of RTI Act, you could obtain certified copies of the relevant documents and records from the concerned public authority.

  • thanks aman mad an,

    so that means i can go for the account no claim through you which you will ensure that i get and in turn can then use it to speeden up my withdrawal claim. though im unable to understand as to why the 2 cannot b achieved by just applying for the withdrawal since they r related to each other.

    either which way the a/c no is one of the key infos that was missing from my original application and so therefore, atleast i will come to know whether my application is stuck due to it or due to laid back attitude by govt officials.

    i have withdrawn my pfs many times in the past but have never had this sort of experience ever. so i am just trying to find out what is with them.

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